About us?

Cumbres International School M茅xico

We are a Catholic, bilingual school that seeks to train Christian leaders with the tools to unleash their full potential, capable of facing the challenges they will have in life and contributing to the good of their families and society.

We celebrate the talents of each student, which make them who they are, as well as the rhythms in which they learn, develop and excel. The student is the protagonist of his learning and the entire educational community, together with his family, accompanies and guides him to reach his best version.

Form people of integrity, Christian leaders who renew society.

Semper Altius School Network

Semper Altius School Network
鈥 We are
part of the Semper Altius Network, an international network of Catholic and bilingual schools that implement the educational model of the Regnum Christi movement in 19 countries in America, Europe and Asia. We have 65 years of experience and more than 70,000 graduates.

Learn more about the Semper Altius School Network and its institutional events.

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Internationally accredited school by Cognia庐

鈥 We are
accredited by COGNIA庐, the largest educational accreditation entity worldwide. This recognition validates compliance with school leadership, learning, and resource management standards related to the proper functioning of the institution, the creation of effective learning environments, and the achievement of educational results.
Having this accreditation allows us, in addition to complying with international standards, to issue school tickets and certificates valid in other countries, and it is, to a large extent, what guarantees us as a true International School.

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Is my child ready to go to school? Cumbres Mexico school ebook
Is your child ready to go to school?
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Why choose us?


We prepare our students for life

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with our educational and pedagogical model focused on enhancing their talents and abilities and gradually developing skills.


We comply with international standards

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We have alliances and certifications that guarantee our quality and we continuously integrate new educational trends in accordance with our mission, vision and philosophy.


We train happy children and young people

that they enjoy their experience at school, that they coexist and grow in a healthy way in an environment that enhances their talents and cares for their hearts.


We encourage innovation and the creation of solutions

with methodologies, resources and technologies that allow cooperative and experiential learning.


We train with virtues and values

that help students to adapt to change, choose the good, be happy with the support and strength of the Christian faith.


We promote the leadership of our students

so that they exercise Christian and service leadership in which critical thinking and the ability to change the world around them are promoted.


Our students learn in two languages

they achieve a high command of the language that allows them to study and perform professionally in a second language.


We have extensive experience in the education sector

endorsed by more than 65 years of work dedicated to education in 19 countries. We have 55 schools in Mexico, from which close to 70,000 students have graduated.


We accompany our students and their families

with personalized treatment to guide and support them based on their needs and circumstances.


We are part of an international educational group

With a presence in 19 countries, in which thousands of families have entrusted us with the education of their children, from preschool to postgraduate.

Environments for learning

Cumbres International School Mexico lockup
Cumbres Mexico school classroom
Cumbres Mexico School preschool facilities
Olympic swimming pool at the Cumbres M茅xico school
Technology room in Cumbres Mexico school
"Makerspace" at Cumbres Mexico school
Soccer fields in Cumbres Mexico school
Cumbres Mexico school auditorium
Cafeteria outside the Cumbres school

Our facilities are an important part of the students' learning process. We take advantage of any opportunity, inside and outside the classroom, to generate an educational-formative experience. All the spaces have been created taking care of every detail with the aim of developing the potential of our students to the maximum.

We integrate technology into the classroom, not just for entertainment, but to reinforce concepts, ideas, and skills.

We have large windows, which help students self-regulate their attention, by connecting the interior space with the exterior.

We use, in all our spaces, neutral colors that help promote concentration and creativity.

We seek to give life to each of the spaces within the classroom, by allowing students to explore and use each corner.

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