Middle School


Fomentamos en secundaria que todos los integrantes de la comunidad educativa trabajen en alianza con los padres de familia para lograr una formaci贸n socio-emocional integral, tomando en cuenta las caracter铆sticas del estudiante dentro de su contexto, haciendo intervenciones educativas-formativas pertinentes. Nos enfocamos en que cada uno de nuestros alumnos se aprenda a valorar y cuidar a s铆 mismo, potenciando los dones recibidos.

In middle school, the student is increasingly the protagonist of their learning. We respect their rhythms, maturity, development and we seek to give a personal meaning to what they learn, managing to connect with their interests, experiences and needs. In order for it to be achieved, the teacher is a guide and mediator of the process, applying CAR (cooperative, active and reflective) methodologies, using educational technology tools, and emphasizing interdisciplinary work.

We accompany our students so that they can build an authentic, mature and healthy personality, which allows them to travel, more fully and in accordance with their dignity, the path towards their own self-realization and transcendence.

We promote Christian servant leadership in students so that they can respond to the needs of others as a citizen committed to themselves, their family, their community and the world.

We seek that students use technology effectively and efficiently as a tool to increase their productivity, develop their creativity, communicate ideas and learn collaboratively, without forgetting the responsibility that their use entails.
Through the use of educational technology, robotics and the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), we encourage students to see it:

As a useful and necessary resource for learning.
As a means to develop digital skills.
鈥 飰 To lay the technological foundations for the following educational levels.

In middle school, students expand their vocabulary and learn the correct use of English, at a high level, beyond the functional. This is achieved with reading resources used by native students in schools in English-speaking countries.

We educate at all times, space and environment. Any opportunity, inside and outside the classroom, is used to develop an educational-formative intervention. We have various resources that support us in this process:

Formative, flexible, interactive and collaborative environments and spaces that promote personal, transcendent and community learning.
Physical and digital educational materials, which help to enhance the student's abilities according to the expected graduation profile.
Educational technology, which favors research and the production of content and solutions

From the constant approach to art and culture, students develop critical and creative thinking, as well as various emotional skills. In addition to incorporating art and culture in various subjects, students put their skills and talents into practice and demonstrate their ability in academies and various artistic and cultural competitions.

Middle school students practice various physical-sports activities, which respond to preferences and needs that facilitate their comprehensive training, in different contexts where their abilities, becoming aware of their decisions and actions.

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